Our Services

All sessions are conducted in English for children ages 5-16 years old.

We strongly believe in optimizing personal attention and training through either individualized or small group sessions.

Child at Psychologist
Group Coloring


ages 5-8: 30 minutes

ages 9-16: 55 minutes

Small Group of 2-5 children

55 minutes


Skills Training Service

In children's journey to a happier school life, there are essential skills they need to learn. Children are not born with these skills, therefore, they must be cultivated:


  1. Self-respect is an interpersonal skill honoring children's unique abilities of who they are, values they stand for and their distinct perspective.

  2. Respect is a communication skill that ‘holds relationships together. It also helps children feel safe in expressing themselves’ ("All About Respect," n.d.) without being judged.

  3. Responsibility is a skill that will help children become leaders of their own lives - they can be trusted, make good decisions, and handle consequences for their behavior.

  4. Power shifting skill transforms negative feelings (e.g. I am not smart, I cannot . . . ) into positive beliefs (e.g. I am smart, I can . . . ) by using words of affirmation.

  5. Managing mistakes is part of ‘challenging children on how to do things differently. It motivates children to try new, innovative approaches to solve problems.’ (Mitchell, n.d.)


Fundamentals takes your child’s journey to the next level! Schedule for a free consultation today by clicking on the link below!


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Academic Performance Service 

Children gain different learning approach based on their learning styles to cope with new or challenging concepts. 

We offer tutorial services for:

  1. Creative Writing

2. Reading for Meaning

3. Master Basic Facts in Math

4.  Ace Tests

5. All Levels of English Language Acquisition

(beginners, intermediate and advance):

speaking, listening, reading and writing

Fundamentals takes your child’s journey to the next level!

Schedule for a free consultation today by clicking on the link below!

Collaborative Effort

         An open, effective communication style (Zolten & Long, 2006) is one of the fundamentals in establishing and maintaining a positive, healthy partnership. When adults communicate effectively, they exemplify respect to children. Therefore, it will boost the child’s self-esteem having a voice. 

      As the child grows older  (“Effective Communication and Teenagers,” n.d.), independence also increases. Consequently, to preserve the harmonious partnership between the child and adults, communication has to be continuously nurtured. Discovering new and different approaches to communicate will eventually lead to a happier and more connected relationship. The fact that trust and honesty has been strongly established, means that dealing with difficult conversations and conflicts will be resolved much easier.

           A child, parent and coach need to find ways to sustain a safe and positive connection considering each individual has their own communication needs and approach. 'Healthy communication styles require practice and hard work, therefore, it will never be perfect all the time' ("In Relationships," n.d.). 


           It takes a village to raise a child. I care about you as well, not only about your child. We work collaboratively as a team to advance every step of your child's development.


              Fundamentals takes your child’s journey to the next level! Schedule for a free consultation today by clicking on the link below!




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