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The Two R’s During the Pandemic

It is not unusual to hear stories about the challenges people go through during pandemic lockdowns. We continue to learn of friends and colleagues who lose loved ones to the virus month after month. Such news creates anxiety and stress. The pandemic has left many of us vulnerable to the very idea of death.

As the pandemic extends itself, the days become longer and people get weary of staying in one place. But to some, the prolonged stay at home led to a renewed interest in an old musical instrument left in the closet for decades, the discovery of the joys of healthy cooking, and getting around to revisit home improvement projects we put off several years ago.

Families, too, have the chance to reconnect to forge stronger bonds between them. All of the sudden, they are sharing laughs at the dinner table, engaging in fun outdoor activities out by the lawn, and in some cases, even praying together. Family ties are strengthened when members interact in an intimate space over a long period of time. Communication between parents and their children become more open since spatial boundaries are torn down at home.

When adults seek help for their child’s challenges, it does not mean they are incompetent parents. The child may just require extra support in the areas of building self-esteem, being resilient, making good decisions, sustaining harmonious relationships or regulating emotions that are beyond one's parenting ability.

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