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The Gift of Gratitude

2020 was a tough year. The pandemic changed our lifestyles and routines in many, mostly unwanted, ways. With all these events happening around us, is there anything else good left in our lives?

Definitely! Technology played an important role in connecting us to our loved ones thanks to the internet and other applications. Our health has become a priority more than ever as we have become conscious of the importance of handwashing and coughing etiquette. People have learned new skills about themselves as some have discovered new hobbies while others have pursued past passions. Many families have spent time together, learning more about each other and happily doing activities with one another. It may not have been the year for us to achieve the goals we set out to accomplish, but 2020 has taught us to appreciate everything and everyone important in our lives.

Amidst the chaos in this world, gratitude is a much-welcomed gift. It allows us to acknowledge things through a different perspective. Instead of falling victim to the circumstances, focus on gratitude. It makes us appreciate goodness that can be found in nearly every situation. Practicing gratitude can be beneficial to us not only psychologically, but also mentally!

To reap the benefits of gratitude, here are some suggestions to start this habit of gratefulness:

  1. Appreciate Yourself Say three good things to yourself. It can be about your past achievements or present efforts, talents, strengths, and virtues.

  2. Start a Gratitude Journal Write down little and big ideas that you are thankful for each day. You will gradually notice how you will consciously choose to focus on and be happy about your life.

  3. Reach Out to Show Gratitude Express your thankfulness to someone whom you are grateful for. Let that person feel important and appreciated. In return, you will also feel good about yourself instantly.

  4. Find a Gratitude Buddy Find someone whom you can practice gratitude and share what you are thankful for.

Practicing gratitude is free and it can benefit us in many ways. In this time of our lives where there is too much negativity and materialism that surround us, gratitude can keep us grounded and, more importantly, content with what we have.

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