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Success Story: Yes . . . I Passed!

Bryce* is an average Grade 7 student in the Swiss school system. He speaks English at home. Since he goes to the local school in the immediate community, high German is the medium of instruction in class while Bryce comfortably speaks Swiss German with his peers.

He was initially doing well at the beginning of Gymnasium, 7th grade. His test scores results plummeted after October. A short time later, he received a letter from his class adviser stating that his grades were not good enough to pass the probation period. If he did not improve his grades in the next several weeks, he must transfer out of the school for failing the probation period. The written warning did not affect his self-belief. He remained resilient and studied harder. Unfortunately, his test scores did not improve.

Bryce wanted to remain in the Gymnasium so he organized study groups among his peers and with moral support from his parents, he learned some effective learning strategies from Adventures in Wisdom Success System for Learning and Taking Tests, especially on study routines and making notes. He organized all his notes by taking down the important terminologies and used it as his reviewer. Creating a routine of studying each day and having an organized reviewer were effective learning skills he discovered from his peers in preparing for his exams.

With Bryce’s will power to remain in Gymnasium, his intense journey for a month made him even more resilient. He persevered even though he failed his exams in some subjects. By the end of the probation, his hard work paid off. Bryce passed the probation in Gymnasium!

As Bryce is determined to maintain his personal performance within grade expectations, he intends to start the next term with a better school routine by studying regularly, creating review notes and continuing with the study group. This way he does not have to work as hard as he did last term.

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*Name has been changed in the story for anonymity.

Zurich, Switzerland


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