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Testimonial: Motivation + Resilience = Success

Bryce is a 7th Grade student in the Swiss school system. He speaks English at home and German in school.

He was initially doing well at the beginning of Middle School. However, despite his hard work, his test scores began dropping.

If Bryce fails the probation period, he will be expelled from Honors School. His dilemma motivated him to do better. He organized study groups among his peers, and picked up effective learning strategies on how to prepare for tests and improve on his note taking. His parents also guided Bryce in effectively managing his time. By creating a consistent daily study routine, his test results gradually started to improve.

With Bryce’s resilience, he overcame a grueling month-long journey that ‘empowered him to grow and improve’ (Building, 2012) his study habits. By the end of the probation, his hard work paid off, thus, allowing him to stay in Honors School.

As Bryce is determined to maintain his academic performance within grade expectations, he started the next term with a better school routine by studying regularly, improving his review notes, and continuing with the study group. He gave himself a chance to reach his potential as a student by adjusting his study habits.

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*Name has been changed in the story for anonymity.



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