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Testimonial: Positive Effort + Perseverance = Success

Audrey was an 8th grade student in a private school in New York city, who was a diligent and quick learner. Her linguistic skills were above average but math was quite challenging. Since she aspired to maintain a good class performance, she chose to work with Teacher Cathy to improve her weak logical-mathematical intelligence for an hour each week.

It was evident that within six months of hard work plus Audrey’s strong motivation to improve, her analysis, problem solving, and reasoning skills steadily developed. She repeatedly practiced unclear concepts for better understanding. As Audrey’s father remarked:

Cathy’s work made a great deal of difference for my daughter. Her teachers noticed a very big leap in her understanding of math concepts within her eighth grade year. She was able to apply those concepts to Geometry with Cathy’s help and then move on to a point where she has the confidence to work independently in Algebra 2. (Audrey's father, 1998)

With a growth mindset, Audrey succeeded in achieving her goal to maintain her class standing above average. Not only was she motivated and engaged in class, but her attitude when faced with challenging math questions strengthened. Her high academic marks were attributed to her perseverance and positive effort.

As the American Psychologist Professor, Carol Dweck, (Warren et. al. n.d.) clearly explains that people with a growth mindset, like Audrey, develop their intelligence and abilities through positive effort, persistence by trying different strategies, and learning from their mistakes.

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*Names have been changed in the story for anonymity.



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