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Testimonial: Conceptual Understanding

Bianca’s mom sought extra math support since her daughter was in 2nd grade because of her weak mathematical skills. With her inability to keep up with the academic demands in class, Bianca’s 6th grade Math teacher was concerned about her math performance, which meant she might be held back.

With Bianca´s unstable foundation with number bonds up to 100, Teacher Carol rigorously spent about 15 minutes before each lesson in order to master the basic mathematical skills. But after a year, her mathematical reasoning became more logical by showing greater conceptual understanding of numbers. Even the Math teacher remarked how Bianca had made tremendous progress in her number analysis.

Over a 3-year period, Bianca worked with Teacher Carol to strengthen her fundamentals in mathematics, allowing her to graduate on time from Middle School. Although Math is still not her favorite subject, she improved her geometric skills, which are required to fulfill her dreams of becoming a fashion designer.

Research studies (Zwaagstra, n.d.) indicate that in order for any student to gain a conceptual understanding of math, they must master the basic computational skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, with an exposure to a ‘sophisticated series of strategies first before memorizing’ (Focusing, n.d.) the number facts. This way, they have the ‘ability to transfer their knowledge of the basic facts into new situations and apply it to different contexts’ (Conceptual Understanding, n.d.). With the fast advancement of technology, math computation skills remain an integral part of life in navigating everyday tasks and problem solving, such as finding the best value of time management, money and travel budgets, just to name a few.

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*Names have been changed in the story for anonymity.



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