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Testimonial: From I Can't to I Can

Carlo is a fluent reader with favorable comprehension, an eloquent speaker, and a good listener. The Grade 2 English speaker performs satisfactorily in class, however, he shows weakness in writing. He easily gets frustrated during Workshop class, usually evading creative writing tasks by sulking and saying he does not know what to write.

Teacher Kate, a language specialist, and the classroom teacher collaboratively decided to work intensively on his basic literacy skills, particularly on his letter formation, as well as his low motivation to write. Teacher Kate reviewed his basic literacy skills to consolidate his letter names and sounds recognition, and practice his letter formation. With their weekly word and sentence dictation, Carlo has become a confident, creative writer after two months. His short vowel distinction and penmanship improved, including his mastery of high frequency words. Since then, he has enjoyed the weekly Writer’s Workshop class and has become a proud writer by the end of the school year.

In this age of digital citizenship, students rely heavily on technology to aid their schoolwork. However, nothing can better the basic handwriting skills development in primary years. Dr. Horowitz (2018) claims that there is a direct relationship between language development and handwriting based on research study. The formation of letters by hand while learning sounds activates reading circuits in the brain which promote literacy. Consequently, students who practice handwriting are proven to be better readers and spellers.

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*Names have been changed in the story for anonymity.



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