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Success Story: From ‘I Can’t’ to ‘I Can’

Carlo is an average Grade 2 student who is a fluent reader with good comprehension, an eloquent speaker, and a good listener. This eight-year-old English speaking boy is a relatively good student, however, he has some setbacks. He gets frustrated when it comes to Writer’s Workshop. For the entire period, he evades the task of writing a story by chatting with his peers or sulking in class. He always says he does not have any idea of what to write. By the end of the period, his page would hardly have any written words on it nor any drawings.

After speaking to Carlo’s classroom teacher about his low motivation to write, we collaboratively decided to intensively work on his basic literacy skills, particularly on his letter formation, as well as phonemic and phonological awareness. He worked in a small group with me on a weekly basis for 20 minutes. We reviewed his basic literacy skills using Orton Gillingham to consolidate his letter names and sounds recognition and to practice his letter formation. With our weekly writing of word and sentence dictation, Carlo has become a confident creative writer after two months. His short vowel distinction and penmanship improved, including his mastery of high frequency words. Since then, he has enjoyed the weekly Writer’s Workshop class and has become a proud writer by the end of the school year.

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