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Success in Life

Across many cultures, success is often measured based on conventional beliefs on school achievements, wealth and fame. A child who is in the honor class or constantly on the dean's list is frequently praised and favored by the parents. Moreover, as a child becomes a distinguished physician, lawyer, banker or someone who has obtained a doctorate degree, then being employed in the corporate world with a prestigious lifestyle is often the pride of many parents.

What about children who become a master teacher, master guitar player or master carpenter? Can these children be considered successful? Dr. Markham (2015) strongly believes that these children will be successful if only parents will support them to achieve their personal goals. In empowering their children to discover a deeper meaning in life, it is inevitable that there will be adversities and hurdles along the way. It really does not matter whether they succeed or fail while learning, practicing and mastering a particular task or idea. What has a profound impact while growing up is the entire process of how they achieve their goals, especially the pain and sufferings they experience, which serves to strengthen their emotional intelligence.

Part of discovering a deeper meaning in life, according to Dr. Markham (2105), is building a harmonious relationship with your child. Investing quality time through simply adventuring outdoors, eating meals or reading books together will create a significant emotional impact on your child. This will mark good memories to cherish lifelong as opposed to rewarding them with the latest gadget or granting money, which will only provide temporary happiness.

How about you? How do you define success in life?

When adults seek help for their child’s challenges, it does not mean they are incompetent parents. The child may just require extra support in the areas of building self-esteem, being resilient, making good decisions, sustaining harmonious relationships or regulating emotions that are beyond one's parenting capacity.

At Fundamentals children strengthen their emotional intelligence to transform their life’s journey toward long-term happiness. Book a free consultation with us today.


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