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Testimonial: Growth Mindset Knows No Limit

Marcy, an 83-year old woman had an accident in April that resulted in a fractured left leg. Due to the rising number of Covid cases, the family decided to postpone any medical check-up. Marcy´s lack of mobility required the use of a wheelchair. When she started leg therapy in June, everyone was hoping the bones would heal on their own. A month into the therapy, however, the doctor highly recommended surgery to correct the fractured bone.

During a pre-operation check up in July, Marcy was tested Covid positive. Being asymptomatic, she was advised to recover at home. After isolating for 14 days, the surgery proceeded and was remarkably successful. With her strong determination to walk independently, she vigilantly exercised on a daily basis strengthening her lower extremities. By the end of the year, she gained confidence and stability in going up and down the stairway with a cane. The following month, she surprised everyone by going back to her daily walking routine.

From being immobile in April, Marcy’s choice to be ‘proactive’ (Mertz, 2012) in her firm desire to be back on her two feet happened within four months after the surgery. Her decision of regaining her balance and strength through daily exercise was exceptionally successful, despite the physical adversities she experienced.

Growth mindset knows no limit. Anything is possible, just like in the case of Marcy.

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*Name has been changed in the story for anonymity



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