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Testimonial: Empowered with Boundaries

An eight-year-old native German speaker, Alice, lived with her mother. Since they speak German at home, Alice’s mom enrolled her in a private English speaking school when she was in first grade to master her English.

Teacher Cathy worked with Alice on her English proficiency when she was in second grade. Working with Alice was challenging because her unpredictable emotional state affected her cognitive and social skills. Teacher Cathy empowered Alice in EAL (English as an Additional Language) class but set safe boundaries to accommodate her sensitivity. Gradually, Alice felt comfortable expressing her fears and happiness in class. After the first quarter, teachers slowly noticed a difference in her class performance and social interaction. She displayed a happier disposition, showing an increased level of enthusiasm in learning. Alice’s assessments, especially in reading and writing, clearly reflected steady improvement by the end of the school year.

Based on Dr. Markham’s (2012) research, nurturing a child’s emotional experience fosters connection and trusting relationships. Thus, it leads to a feeling of success at school allowing the child to have a better self-belief.

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*Names have been changed in the story for anonymity.



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