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Blaze Your Child's Path To Happiness

There is no doubt parents or guardians want to provide their children the best and, ultimately, to be successful and happy in life. Regardless of the innate personality and temperament of their children, they can nurture them. Dr. Bob Murray’s study (Lamb, n.d.) demonstrates that positive children are the product of happy, optimistic homes, regardless of genetic makeup.

The Role of Family (n.d.) states that it is just natural for a child to acquire their emotional well being, social competence, academic performance, cognitive skills and physical health from their parents, being their first teachers. Henceforth, the skills, values and beliefs that children learn from home, will be the foundation in which your child can anchor and build upon in later life.

​To encourage being physically active, practicing gratitude, assigning household chores, earning privileges and spending quality time are some essential routines that children can learn from home to blaze their path to happiness. As long as these routines become habits, Dr. Christine Carter (Lamb, n.d.) emphasizes that it will then promote all kinds of positive emotions and, consequently, lead to lasting happiness. Parents have a considerable amount of responsibility to equip their children with powerful mindset skills to manage their emotions in a healthy way.

'When adults seek help it does not mean they are incompetent parents. The child may just require extra support in the areas of building self-esteem’ (Adventures, 2015), being resilient, making good decisions, sustaining harmonious relationships or regulating emotions that are beyond one’s parenting capacity.

At Fundamentals, children strengthen their emotional intelligence to transform their life’s journey toward long-term happiness. Book a free consultation with us today.


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