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Blaze Your Child's Path To Happiness

There is no doubt parents or guardians want to provide the best they can for their children that will lead to their success and happiness in later life. Regardless of the genetic makeup, parents can nurture their child’s innate personality and temperament. It may just entail longer and more patience for others depending on the child’s nature. Based on Dr. Bob Murray’s study (Lamb, n.d.), however, he believes that positive children are simply the product of happy and optimistic homes.

It is just natural for any child to acquire their emotional well-being, social competence, academic performance, cognitive skills, and physical health from their parents, being their first teachers (The Role, n.d.). With appropriate parental support, children will gain security and confidence that will prepare them to behave appropriately outside of their family unit, especially at school, neighborhood, and clubs. Equipped with solid skills, strong values and firm beliefs from home, it will set forth the foundation in which the child can anchor and build upon in adolescence and adult life.

Indeed, parents have a considerable amount of responsibility to provide their children at a very young age with powerful life skills to blaze them in their path to lasting happiness. When these basic skills develop into routines, Dr. Christine Carter (Lamb, n.d.) believes that it transforms into habits promoting all kinds of positive emotions. Nurturing the child’s well-being: mind, body and soul is the key to creating P.E.A.C.E. at home.

When adults seek help for their child’s challenges, it does not mean they are incompetent parents. The child may just require extra support in the areas of building self-esteem, being resilient, making good decisions, sustaining harmonious relationships or regulating emotions that are beyond one's parenting abillity.

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