Our Services

Fundamentals works with parents and children aged 5-16 years old. All sessions are conducted in English.

Coaching Sessions

We believe in optimizing personal attention and training through individual or small group sessions.


Ages 5-8: 30 minutes
Ages 9-16: 55 minutes

Parents: 55 minutes


3-5 Children: 55 minutes

3-5 Parents: 55 minutes

What We Offer

Academic Support

Parental Support

With Fundamentals, children cope with new or challenging concepts based on their learning styles, as well as strengthened resilience and confidence. 

We offer tutorial services for:


1. Creative Writing

2. Reading for Meaning

3. Master Basic Facts in Math

4. Ace Tests 

5. English Language Acquisition (all levels) 

It takes a village to raise a child. We work collaboratively as a team to advance every step of your child's emotional intelligence.

We offer support services for:

1. Conflict Resolution 
2. Parent-Child Relationships
3. Sibling Rivalry
4. Confident and Resilient Child
5. Harmonious Family Dynamics