About Coach Catherine Rara

“Communication is fundamental to a healthy relationship.”  - Anonymous


Fundamentals Founder

Catherine Rara

I grew up in a family environment where any form of expression was a sign of disrespect. As I went through my childhood and adolescence, my curiosity towards harmonious family dynamics remained unanswered. After completing my Masters in Childhood Education and teaching in New York, I noticed how Westerners could freely communicate their emotions.  My exposure to Western and Asian family dynamics further strengthened when I worked in international school settings in England, Turkey, and Switzerland. 


Settling down in Zurich, Switzerland, my husband and I created our unique family culture to nurture our son’s journey in maintaining a happy and well-rounded childhood experience. As he goes through his adolescent life, we try to preserve a nurturing relationship with him. 


It is definitely not easy to be parents nowadays since there is simply no one right formula to raise children. With the rapid innovations in technology and the strong impact of social media on children, it makes our role as parents even more challenging. However, one thing is an absolute truth: the fundamental key to a happy, confident child is sustaining a deep, positive connection​.


Academic Background

Bachelor of Science and Arts in Psychology, Minor in Business in Manila, Philippines

Masters of Science in Early Childhood and Elementary Education in New York, USA 

Certificate in Teaching ESL Students in Mainstream Classrooms in Zurich, Switzerland

Certificate of Diploma Education in Child Coaching, Oxford College Distance Learning

Licensed Adventures in Wisdom Child Coach