School children develop life skills

through personalized attention and training

Fundamentals  empowers  children  to  aspire  high

Fundamentals trains school children with strong emotional skills to be resilient.

Skills Training:

Cultivation of well-being with essential life skills

Better Academic Performance:

Enhancement of strengths to boost academic performance

Collaborative Effort:

Improvement of communication skills to maintain healthy partnership

How  It  Works

1. Evaluation:

Assess and define child's target goal

2. Program:

Implementation of short or long term intervention based on evaluation

3. Resilient Child
Improved self-belief

Sandra Furth


Egham, UK

". . .  this 7th grader with major gaps in her math skills has gained a more positive attitude towards math and making new gains daily."

". . . Hooray! It is time for Writer's Workshop . . ." 



New York, USA

". . . my daughter's teachers noticed a very big leap in her understanding of math concepts within her right grade year. She was able to apply those concepts to Geometry . . . then move on to point where she has confidence to work independently in Algebra 2.”                                              



Zurich, Switzerland



Fundamentals: Life Coaching for Kids

Zurich, Switzerland


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