School children develop life skills

through personalized attention and training

Fundamentals  empowers  children  to  aspire  high

Fundamentals trains school children with life skills that create a positive outlook in life.

From supplementing traditional classroom curriculum to fostering individual curiosity, children are nurtured to grow into confident beings who face life's challenges with resilience. 

Skills Training:

Cultivation of well-being with essential life skills

Better Academic Performance:

Enhancement of powerful learning strategies to boost academic performance

Improved Communication:

Improvement of communication skills to maintain healthy relationships

Collaborative Effort:

Development of harmonious partnership among parents, child and coach

How  It  Works

1. Evaluation:

Assess and define child's target goal

2. Child Coaching Sessions:

Design a program, short or long term intervention, based on child's target goal

3. Resilient Child
Embraces obstacles in life positively

Sandra Furth


Egham, UK

". . .  this 7th grader with major gaps in her math skills has gained a more positive attitude towards math and making new gains daily."

". . . I am  now a confident writer after I worked on my phonics and spelling with my teacher . . ." 



New York, USA

". . . my daughter's teachers noticed a very big leap in her understanding of math concepts within her right grade year. She was able to apply those concepts to Geometry with Cathy’s help and then move on to point where she has confidence to work independently in Algebra 2.”                                              



Zurich, Switzerland



Fundamentals: Life Coaching for Kids

Zurich, Switzerland


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